say something, i’m giving up on you.

But where did this song come from!!!! This song, originally done solo by the band, A Great Big World, and now propelled to instant success with the addition of the legendary Christina Aguilera, is such a refreshingly, heartbreaking song in the midst of everything else being offered on radio.A Great Big World, newcomers to the music industry, have risen to fame quite quickly. After rebranding themselves and a success Kickstarter campaign, they released a 6-song EP, in which one of the songs, “This is the New Year” was performed on Glee and also featured as the theme song for MTV’s ‘I Used to be Fat’ as well as also being featured on ESPN & Good Morning America. After the release of the solo version of “Say Something,” they continued to see success with that song being featured during a segment on “So You Think You Can Dance” where Christina Aguilera happened to see it. Her people then got in touch with their people and the product was a massive, beautiful song about losing love. Said song went on to reach Number 1 on the iTunes Charts and the rest is history.

Check it out the video!


One thought on “say something, i’m giving up on you.

  1. Awesome Video!!!!

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